W-MAX 20

Murska W-Max is a powerful Kernel that meets all requirements. Capacity of W-Max is almost 60 t / h (in the case of corn), with low power consumption. New technology of grinding-kneading guarantee perfect results.

- W-roller can be used for dried grain and grain which contains moisture, during harvest for the following crops: oats, barley, wheat, corn, peas, beans, and cereal mixture.

- It is particularly suitable for a mixture of beans and peas.


- An optional control system makes it easy to use. Kernel includes automatic control of filling and dosing of preservatives based on the moisture content of the grain. After ending of operation, system sends a message to a mobile phone, then the entrepreneur encloses invoice. Report contains details of time, on added preservatives and volume of wrought grains.


The system displays the received data. Beside that control system takes care of the safety of the user and equipment. In case of termination it sends information to user and stops supplying of grain.


- Use of the Murska W-Max represents real fun. Adjusting of  kneading level is easy, but it is rarely necessary. Service points are easily accessible.  Users developed control system frees worry about the preservatives dosage and quantity of rolled grain. The question: is there an easier way of grain preserving?


Murska W-Max 20 Contractor is a professional mass storage device planned down to the last detail. Kernel pulled by tractor moves easily even on bumpy ground, thanks to the rounded chassis.

1,800 liters of additives can be filled in.

There are many transportation options.


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Company ISV Zrt. was founded in 1968. History of the company is closely connected with the history of agriculture in Hungary. Logo with three letters has become an "classic" in the market of livestock concentrate production. Name-an acronym derived from the names of the original companies (Iparszerű Sertéstartó Termelőszövetkezetek Közös vállalkozás - Joint venture cooperative production for industrial pigs).

Also, the acronym for our motto: Innovation, expertise, vision!