ISV 374-322  PREMIX with an anion



It is added tofood during the last two weeks of pregnancy and immediately after calving.



- 374-44 : 0,5 kg

- 374-322 : 1,0 kg


Advantagesin use of new premixes:

-Prevents or reduces the likelihood of ketosis at calving, the development of fatty liver degeneration and retained placenta
- Strengthens the immune system and protects cattle against infection
- Speeds up the uterus and improves outcome following insemination
- Premix ISV 374-322 is particularly rich in anions, fully prevent puerperal fever, which occurs after calving.


The chemical composition of the premix (1,0 kg):

Premix                                      ISV 374-44            ISV 374-322

Calcium                      %                     1,97                        1,02

Phosphorus               %                     2,25                        2,25

Magnesium                %                     2,37                        3,26

Sodium                      %                     0,50                        0,25

Vitamin A                   IJ                350 000                   270 000

Vitamin D3                 IJ                 70 000                     48 000

Vitamin E                   IJ                   2 400                        1 400


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