Murska 220 SM







Murska 220 SM

For dry cereal kneading

  • Capacity: 1 t / h
  • Power, 4 kW
  • Privacy rollers using magnets
  • Universal rollers with the teeth of 2 mm
  • Hopper with extension
  • Possibility of connecting  with auger transporter  Ø 75 mm


 Spare parts spiral Murska


1. Point of discharge, open model

2. Point of discharge with gasket

3. Pipe coupling

4. Spiral pipe O75 / O110 mm

5. HD spiral pipe 45 ° angle, o75 / O110 mm

6. HD vertical spiral pipe: O75 / O110 mm

7. Hopper under the silo with charge controller

8. Round hopper under the silo with charge controller

9. Charging pressure on spiral with adjustable filling volume

10. Charging pressure on spiral with bearings

11. Pressure Discharge with bearings

12. Engine for pressure discharge

13. 1 + 2 engine for discharging of pressure

14. Control centers and detectors

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Company ISV Zrt. was founded in 1968. History of the company is closely connected with the history of agriculture in Hungary. Logo with three letters has become an "classic" in the market of livestock concentrate production. Name-an acronym derived from the names of the original companies (Iparszerű Sertéstartó Termelőszövetkezetek Közös vállalkozás - Joint venture cooperative production for industrial pigs).

Also, the acronym for our motto: Innovation, expertise, vision!