Machine for "sausage" filling

Storage of grain in the "sausage" is a cost-effective and simple solution since it is not necessary to invest in expensive silos or projects of similar objects.


Murska kernel equipped with filler crushes collected wet grain with rollers and adds preservative and fills it in airtight "sausages" - all within a single process. Kneaded grain represents food for feeding livestock and poultry.

Possible filling of "sausages" is 60 m length and 2,0 m diameter in which can be hold about 180 m3 of quality and compact grain.

Filling in the "sausage" is excellent, especially in those households which are buying only part of the grain. In their case transportation of grain is often done in an irregular manner, and during process of kneading can reach several-day break. Conservation in the "sausage" may be discontinued without extra work when filling.



Murska Filler

Murska filler is a separated filling machine, which can be connected to the mill or hopper. Filler is suitable not only for the preservation of grain, but for other substances as well.


Murska models, which can be upgraded with "sausage" charging equipment.

Murska 350 S2 • Murska 700 HD

Murska 1000 HD • Murska 1400 S 2x2

Murska 2000 S 2x2 • Murska W-Max 10

Murska W-Max 20


  • Filling of whole grain cereals, sugar beet pulp,
  • brewers nerds, etc. in tubular, hermetic bags ("sausages")
  • Capacity: 50 t / h
  • Hopper with enlargement and capacity of 3,000 liters
  • Required tractor power: 65 kW
  • Chassis with wheels
  • Filler Ø 2 m
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