WEDA company was founded in 1934 by Arnold Westerkamp and Bernard Dammann.
In 1967 WEDA initiated development of automatic liquid feeding system for pigs.

In 1970 company became a member of the German Agrarian Association.
Until today WEDA has developed more than 20 patents, which are still in use in pig farming.
Since 1996 they have DIN EN ISO 9000 STANDARD FF.
Since 2001 WEDA has its new branch: WEL BIO POWER TEC GmbH, company which develops devices, facilities, and implementation of biogas.
WEDA is now a global leader in the field of liquid automatic feeding.
In addition to feeding technology and equipment for pig farming industry, WEDA is also active in the field of ventilation, as well as in the treatment of manure.



Fm company was founded in 1970 and since its establishment offers modern and effective farm solutions.
Today fm is well known European company, which offers extremely wide range of products for animal farming.
FM continuously launches new  and special products according to customer needs. Today fm exports its products around the world and gives full contribution to development of animal farming.
fm is offering solutions to reduce unnecessary costs and increase profits of farmers.
fm is professional and dedicated team of engineers, technicians, marketing agents, assemblers, management and employees of other professions which are offering the best products, projects and services.




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  e-mail: office@isv.rs



Company ISV Zrt. was founded in 1968. History of the company is closely connected with the history of agriculture in Hungary. Logo with three letters has become an "classic" in the market of livestock concentrate production. Name-an acronym derived from the names of the original companies (Iparszerű Sertéstartó Termelőszövetkezetek Közös vállalkozás - Joint venture cooperative production for industrial pigs).

Also, the acronym for our motto: Innovation, expertise, vision!