Raw composition:Vitamins, micro and macro minerals, antioxidants and herbal carrier.


The expectedchemical composition: 6.70% magnesium, 1.27% sodium, 11.66% calcium, 8.81% phosphorus, vitamin A 900000.00 IU / kg vitamin D3180.000,00IJ / kg, Vitamin E IU / 4000.00 kg, zinc (E6) 6399.91 mg / kg, iron (E1) 833.58 mg / kg, manganese (E5) 5400.03 mg / kg, copper (E4) 1099.95 mg / kg, iodine (E2) 60,01mg / kg, selenium (E8) 27.00 mg / kg, antioxidants 3600.00 mg / kg and flavor 300.00 mg / kg.
Antioxidants: BHT and ethoxyquin
Further comprising cobalt (E3).

Instructionsfor use: This vitamin-mineral premix used for the preparation of complete feed for dairy cows in the amount of 3.0%.



-Protected fat
- Protected proteins
- Funding for silage(corn silage, haylage)

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Company ISV Zrt. was founded in 1968. History of the company is closely connected with the history of agriculture in Hungary. Logo with three letters has become an "classic" in the market of livestock concentrate production. Name-an acronym derived from the names of the original companies (Iparszerű Sertéstartó Termelőszövetkezetek Közös vállalkozás - Joint venture cooperative production for industrial pigs).

Also, the acronym for our motto: Innovation, expertise, vision!