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  ISV Feed &Consulting is in every moment ready to help his business partners – pig farmers by with offering wide range of services covering all segments and phases of production development.

In beginning of 2015 ISV Feed &Consulting has founded own basic breeding organization with mission to enable quick and more intense progress in production for own partners. Promotion of genetic farm potential, represents a major step on a road of accelerated development, thanks to engagement of our excellent breeders.

We have developed ISV Farm Pro program for pig farm guidance, which provides service for collection and recording of data on farms, their interpretation by colleagues, elimination of problems and finding the most efficient solutions for the smooth functioning of farms.


ISV is offering professional business plan production for own partners, which are necessary and required for competitors for funding of European IPARD funds. It is our wish that our partners - farmers can compete successfully, and thus reach as many grants that will rise significant technological development.

In 2014 company has founded Nukleus pig farm.

Farm is led by well known professor Miloš Beuković, high-quality breeding gilts and boars under the brand of ISV have been produced.


In order to make stronger genetic capacity of the farm, ISV Feed & Consulting invested funds in the opening of the reproduction center (artificial insemination center). In this center under the careful eye of colleagues – experts, are boars of race of Large Jorkshire, Landrace, Duroc and Hempshire. In this center we are offering superior quality boars seed.


All our clients can be safe and secure: ISV Feed&Consulting is strong support in raising healthy, resistant and productive animals.

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  Tel/fax: +381 24 410 0027

  e-mail: office@isv.rs



Company ISV Zrt. was founded in 1968. History of the company is closely connected with the history of agriculture in Hungary. Logo with three letters has become an "classic" in the market of livestock concentrate production. Name-an acronym derived from the names of the original companies (Iparszerű Sertéstartó Termelőszövetkezetek Közös vállalkozás - Joint venture cooperative production for industrial pigs).

Also, the acronym for our motto: Innovation, expertise, vision!