Pre starter G 511-9231

Feeding plan

Basic food for piglets in their first 21-28 days of life is mother's milk.

At this stage piglets should start with solid food so they could be safely weaned from the sow .


Food additives for suckling piglets stage has two advantages:

1. High digestible sow milk is supplemented by valuable nutrients

2. gradual and smooth transition from the mother's milk to solid food (getting used to the standard diet) and adaptation of the digestive system to solid food (enzyme training).

Avoiding of digestive disorders caused by weaning, reduce losses related to weaning and increases daily gain in rearing piglets (after weaning).


Pre starter G 511-9231 is tailored to the needs of the digestive system of young pigs.- The selected combination of vitamins and active substances, which increases resistance and helps in the process of exchange of matter
- Highly available mineral components of the low degree of binding acid
- High proportion of essential amino acids in order to optimize the quality of the protein and the reduction of the total protein
- Special tasty food industry products are carriers of high energy digestibility.


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