Diarr-Stop S plus

PREMIKS – cattle feed additives for preventing and treating swine dysentery

A new product against dysentery was developed, mixed with food for pigs, suitable for the prevention and treatment of diarrhea caused by bacteria Brachyspira (swine dysentery).



This product is a special blend of organic acids and essential oils. The bacteria which causes dysentery is particularly sensitive to this composition. There is no similar beneficial effect in relation to other microorganisms. In case of danger of  a  dysentery outbreak, its continuous application is recommended. It has a bacteriostatic effect on bacteria Brachyspira. In addition to the static condition is the fact that 10-14 days after the application can be a reoccurrence of dysentery. The functioning of the connective tissue of the intestinal is not hindered with effective concentration, which means that the development of treated cattle is not behind the development of the untreated animals.

During the consumption, no symptoms are  noticed that would indicate a metabolic disorder or toxicosis. During application, due to its synergistic effects,  the efficiency of antibiotics  for the treatment of dysentery is improved, the  resistance occurs later. That significantly improves the effectiveness of antibiotic treatment. The existing symptoms of dysentery disappear almost completely in several days.



Summing up the above: Diar Stop S Plus has selectively static and mild antibacterial effect for the following reasons:

- Due to the effects of agents on the surface of the intestinal mucosal it becomes unsuitable for the growth of bacteria (including bacteria Brachyspira);
- With its effect stage, occurs stable, selective bacteriostatic condition;
- Preparation favorably affects the formation of digestive enzymes, which helps to prevent the consequences of indigestion  caused by anomalies in dosing fodder;
- Exerts a selective inhibitory effect on bacteria Brachyspira.


Benefits and results that can be achieved using this preparation:

- An effective remedy for dysentery (especially for its prevention);
- Usage of the preparation does not cause resistance;
- Is not considered as a drug, its usage is free (purchase without prescription);
- Can be applied from the beginning of fattening to slaughter, there are no side effects to human health (and thus, there is no incubation period);
- Improving the effectiveness of antibiotic treatment for dysentery;
-  Costs can be reduced in application to a large extent
On farms covered by the experimental dosing,  feed for treatment for dysentery, compared to previous treatment achieved savings of 30-40%;
- Its application becomes excessive to  usage of zinc oxide dysentery.


Summarizing the experimental dosing food carried Diarra Stop S Plus


The conclusions  can be described by comparing the data on the effects of dosed feed supplemented Diarra Stop S Plus and the average data from previous years,  shown by the average shifts:

- The percentage of deaths due to dysentery decreased by min. 37%;

- Significantly reduced the number of cases of dysentery (min. 50%);
- Achieved by increasing the mass on a daily basis for min. 8 g;
- Improved usage of food (conversion) of 0.2-0.3 kg;
- For min. 3.4% percent higher number of cattle  reached the optimal weight for slaughter;
- For min. 22% reduced the cost of medications for the treatment of dysentery (which contain costs Diarra Stop S-plus);
- In average, it takes to 16-24 kg less fodder for cattle fattening one;
- Stop using Diarra-S plus in adequate measure can reduce the appearance of  dysentery diseases, except  in the case of a deeper infection, or significant deterioration in terms of keeping and feeding livestock. Diseases can occur in spite of preventive treatment, but then they require additional antibiotic therapy.
Taking into account, the characteristic of the experimental period,  min. 3.5 euros per head of the cattle can be achieved.



0.7-1 kg / ton, mixed with animal feed.


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