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Compost in bags - quickly and cost-effectively


Composting in bags is environmentally friendly method by which fertilizer can be converted into a soil rich in minerals. Composting in bags is more intense due to air flow caused by the fan and the heating effect of black plastic sheeting. Weight is reduced by about one third of the mass, and it becomes hygienic, homogeneous and odorless.


What is the purpose of composting in bags?


In case of composting in bags, isolation of the soil is not needed, as well as a drainage.

Composting in bags allows easy and quick treatment of waste.

Composting in bags is suitable, for example, composting of horse or chicken manure. Murska Biopacker contains a wide drain packing and auger of large capacity, so the stones, pieces of wood and other objects do not threat to packaging process.


Efficient composting

Augers for packaging

• Diameter: 570 mm

• Material: abrasion resistant steel of 8 mm



Hydraulic operation

• Hopper can be raised and lowered, which helps the machine to keep it clean

• Control brakes for compaction control of material

• Hydraulic Brakes

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